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Dedicated to give Everyone Equal Research Opportunity

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Eudoxia Research is operating in the 193 countries of the world. The Research Centre will receive the registration of participants from all these countries only. All the Executive Programs IEE, International Innovation Program IIP, Online Training Programs, International Conference, World Summit, Award Ceremony and Research Council Membership will be provided to these 193 countries only. Eudoxia Research Centre is presently operating in the following countries and therefore job application should be submitted from the given countries (Listed 193 Countries) only.

Job Opportunities: Please submit your CV and application into the following e-mail:


The mission of Eudoxia is to create an atmosphere for Researchers and Academicians for innovation and the application of these innovations into the real world. The systematic research and collaboration in the field of innovation will reduce the unemployment problem in the world and Eudoxia Research Centre already introduced the concept of Researchpreneur through International Innovation Program (IIP).  All the International Executive Education (IEE) programs of ERC are useful for transforming the Academicians into Professional Leaders of the World.

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A Trustworthy & Committed Research Team

The Eudoxia Education Private Limited is registered under Ministry Of Corporate AffairsGovernment of India. The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of the company is U80904AS2018PTC018693. The goal of the Eudoxia Education is to link academic honesty with the research, innovation and training industry for career success of Researchers and Academicians.

Eudoxia Education is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization for Research & Development, International Innovation Program (IIP),  Organizing International Conference (Face to Face and Virtual), International Seminar, World Summit, One Month International Training Program, Providing Research Opportunities, Innovation, Research Network Community, International Digital Campus, Quality Education, International Digital Campus (IDC)Online LIVE Teaching Learning Program, FDP,  EDX Talks, World Olympiad, Professional Coaching and Training Programs. The ISO 9001:2015 certification of Eudoxia is come under IAF recognition and the certification number is IN10745A.

International Opportunities

Live Hands-on Training of SPSS, R, Python, Reference Management Software (Mendeley, Zetero), Ethical use of Paraphrasing AI Software for Research Work, Effective Research Paper Drafting for Free SCOPUS Journal Publication

Now a day, professional courses are playing the key role for the unemployed youth to enhance the job prospect inside and outside the country. Eudoxia Research Centre is providing the opportunities to launch different courses in Digital Campus or by the Global Leaders, Academicians and Researchers for reducing the unemployment worldwide.


Eudoxia Research Centre, NGEF Lane, Second Floor, Indiranagar, Bangalore, India




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