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All the Officers of Eudoxia are dedicated to Research and Innovation and ready to support Research Scholars , and Academicians Globally. Contributions by the Leaders of Eudoxia to global education are remarkable as well as Eudoxia is known for offering non-traditional Innovative Practical Life oriented courses to the academic community.  The team Eudoxia is Internationally working under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Rhituraj Saikia, President and CEO to achieve the Goal of the Research Organization. The team Eudoxia is dedicated to the society and poor students can apply for financial support and book grant to Eudoxia  by submitting their application into: vp@eudoxiainternational.com.

Again, student studying in school and colleges are alway encouraged to submit their Innovative Project Idea to apply apply for Patent and Financial Support from Eudoxia. The Team Eudoxia is working to solve the various problems, experienced by the society and peoples by the use of correct Research Methods and Methodology. 

President and CEO

UIN: AA/52078/18P14

Vice President and MD

UIN: AA/52078/18P17

Registrar ERCRegistrar and CGM

UIN: AA/52078/18P18


UIN: AA/52078/18P21

Dy. Director

UIN: AA/52078/18P23

Dy Registrar and GM

UIN: AA/52078/18P24

General Manager (GM)

UIN: AA/52078/18P25

Academic Director 

UIN: AA/52078/18P26

Chief Operating Officer(I/C) (COO i/c)

UIN: AA/52078/18P19

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

UIN: AA/52078/18P28

Head (HR) 

UIN: AA/52078/18P15

Deputy General Manager (DGM)

UIN: BA/52078/18P31

Admission Officer (AO)

UIN: CA/52078/18P32

Deputy General Manager (DGM)

UIN: BA/52078/18P33

General Manager and Deputy HR (GM and DHR)

UIN: AA/52078/18P34

Deputy General Manager (DGM)

UIN: BA/52078/18P62

Deputy General Manager (DGM)

UIN: BA/52078/18P63

General Manager (GM)

UIN: AA/52078/18P64

Assistant HR (AHR)

UIN: BA/52056/18P71

Admission Officer (AO)

UIN: CA/52078/18P65

Admission Officer (AO)

UIN: CA/52078/18P72

Business Development Officer (BDO)

UIN: CA/52078/18P73

Business Development Officer (BDO)

UIN: CA/52078/18P74

Technical Officer (TO)

UIN: CA/52078/18P75

Admission Officer (AO)

UIN: CA/52078/18P76