(IIP) International Innovation Program is the most popular International Live Research Executive Training Program connecting the Researchers and Academicians of 193 countries of the world.




Welcome To IIP 7.0 2022

The Eudoxia Education Private Limited is registered under Ministry Of Corporate AffairsGovernment of India. The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of the company is U80904AS2018PTC018693.

The goal of the Eudoxia Education is to link academic honesty with the research, innovation and training industry for career success of Researchers and Academicians.

The mission of Eudoxia is to create an atmosphere for Researchers and Academicians for innovation and the application of these innovations into the real world. The systematic research and collaboration in the field of innovation will reduce the unemployment problem in the world and Eudoxia Research Centre already introduced the concept of Researchpreneur through International Innovation Program (IIP).  All the International Executive Education (IEE) programs of ERC are useful for transforming the Academicians into Professional Leaders of the World.

Eudoxia Education is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization for Research & Development, International Innovation Program (IIP),  Organizing International Conference (Face to Face and Virtual), International Seminar, World Summit, One Month International Training Program, Providing Research Opportunities, Innovation, Research Network Community, International Digital Campus, Quality Education, International Digital Campus (IDC)Online LIVE Teaching Learning Program, FDP,  EDX Talks, World Olympiad, Professional Coaching and Training Programs. The ISO 9001:2015 certification of Eudoxia is come under IAF recognition and the certification number is IN10745A.

Eudoxia Research Centre is connecting 193 countries of the world. Eudoxia Research Centre is well known for organizing International Conferences, World Summit, Workshop, Faculty Development Program and Executive Training programs in the global platform. The project developed and completed by Eudoxia Research is always free from pragmatism and these are internationally accepted for maintaining the quality and standard of work. Prof. Dr. Rhituraj Saikia is presently working as the Chairman of Eudoxia Research Centre.

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WORAM 7.0 2022

Live Online 7th International Workshop on Research and Methodology :




Duration: 5 webinars and recorded sessions will be also shared

Total Books and Software Support: Free e-books: 05

Credit Points: 10 hours Credit Points

Last Date of Registration: 31st May 2022 (4 p.m)

Registration Fee: INR 550/- or USD 8

Date: 31st May to 13th June, 2022

Contact Us: +918787318074


The Best International Executive Education on Corporate Leadership and Management for graduates, post graduates, entrepreneurs, business owners and working officials.

One Year Course: Admission Fee: INR 6980

Junior Innovator

Eudoxia Research Centre is providing the opportunity for the school students from Class 1 to Class 10 to become Junior Innovator by joining the “Junior International Innovator Program” (JIIP). This is one year program specially designed for school students to learn Personality Development, Spoken English, Book Drafting and Publication, Creative English Writing and Science Research Project Development.

Duration of Junior Innovator: 1 Year

ZOOM Live Webinars with Recorded Sessions.

Admission Fee: INR 6980

Super Spoken English (SSE)

The Best 3 months program to learn Spoken English with American and British Accent from International Experts. This is online live training program in the ZOOM Platform.

Total Credit Hours: 24 Credits

Assignment: 6 Credits

Total: 30 Credits

2 e-certificates included, live ZOOM Classes with Recorded Sessions.

Total Course Fee: INR 3200

IIP 7.0

Join IIP 7.0 and become

1. Trained Professional

2.International Trainer

3. Receive International Academic Job Opportunity by enhanching API

4. Free SCOPUS and UGC CARE List Publication Guidance

5. 50 Softwares for Research with Lisenced Key

Admission Fee: INR 6980


The Best International Executive Education (IEE) on Corporate Leadership and Office Management specially designed for Graduate Students, Post Gradustes and Entrepreneurs.

Duration: 1 Year : ZOOM Live Webinars with Recorded Sessions

Admission Fee: INR 6980

Junior Innovator 2022

The Best Online One Year Skill Development Program is Junior Innovator for the School Students.

Main Domin of Junior Innovato(JIIP):

1. Spoken English

2. Public Speaking

3. Personality Development

4. Authorship: Book Drafting and Publication

5. Science Research Project Development

Admission Fee: INR 6980

Upcoming Events: WORAM 7.0 2022

Live Online 7th International Workshop on Research and Methodology  



WORAM 6.0-2022

Organized By

Eudoxia Research University, USA


Eudoxia Research Centre, India

Date: 31st May to 13th June, 2022

Total 10 hours Credit

Total Webinars: 5

Certification: Two e-Certificates

Super Spoken English Training

Both Basic and Advanced Level Live Training

SSE 2022: The Best Spoken English Learning Program for all age category in the ZOOM Platform, Live Classes from International Experts with Recorded Sessions.

Total Course Fee: INR 3200, Total Credit: 30, Duration: 3 Month. Limited Seats only, Register Now.

Live Online 7th International Workshop on Research and Methodology 

WORAM 6.0-2022

Organized By

Eudoxia Research University, USA and Eudoxia Research Centre, India

Date: 31st May to 13th June, 2022, Total 10 hours Credit , Total Webinars: 5 , Certification: Two e-Certificates

Day 1: Fundamentals of Research & Methodology:


Significance of Research, Types of Research, Research Gap, Research Question, Research Design, Basics of Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Mixed Method & Scientific Research, Different Methods of Data Collection, Application of Online Platform

Day 2: Qualitative Research Design and NVivo:


Research & Methodology for Qualitative Research & Mixed Method, Ethnography, Narrative, Phenomenological, Grounded Theory & Case Study, Fundamentals of NVivo

Day 3: Quantitative Research Design & SPSS:


Basics of Quantitative Research Design, Descriptive & Inferential Statistics for Quantitative Research, Method of Data Collection, Fundamentals of SPSS, Installation & Application of SPSS for Graph, Bar Diagram, Pie Diagram, Student T-Test

Day 4: Mechanics of Hypothesis Formulation & Thesis Drafting:


Hypothesis Formulation & Testing, Synopsis Writing, Thesis & Dissertation Drafting, Selection of Topic for Thesis, Title and Sections, References, Formats, Flow-charts, Ethical Paraphrasing in Research



Day 5: Effective Manuscript Drafting and Publication:


Introduction to Effective Manuscript Drafting, Original and Review Manuscript Writing Process, Selection of  SCOPUS, WOS, IEEE and UGC CARE List Journals Journal for Free Publication, SCIMAGO Journal Ranking, SCOPUS Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 quartiles, Faster and Ethical Free Publication, SCOPUS Journal Review Process for Publication, Predatory Journal and Black Listed Journals Identification.

Registration Process:

Registration fee is Rs 550 for Indian participant and USD 8 for Non-Indian participants (Two e-certificate will be provided) to all the participants.


Last Date of Registration: 30th May 2022,

(4 pm as per Indian Standard Time)

Register Now

SSE 2022: Super Spoken English Program Admission

Duration: 3 Month

Live ZOOM Classes with Recorded Sessions

The Best Opportunity is open for the cadidates from 193 Countries of the World to Learn Spoken English from the International Experts with American and British Accent.

Total Course Fee: INR 3200 only


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